miércoles, 21 de enero de 2009

Long Beach Dub All Stars

Tras la separación de la banda, los miembros restantes Eric Wilson y Bud Gaugh, comenzaron una nueva banda bajo el nombre "Long Beach Dub Allstars (LBDA)".
LBDA buen reggae, punk
rock, ska y dub reggae. Esta banda duro 5 años con solo 2 discos nunca alcanzo grandesa como sublime.

Right back
Track list

01. Righteous Dub - (featuring Barrington Levy)
02. Rosarito

03. My Own Life
04. Fugazi
05. New Sun - (featuring HR)
06. Kick Down - (featuring Dangr)
07. Like a Dog
08. Sensi - (featuring Tippa Irie)
09. Trailer Ras

10. Pass It On - (featuring Half Pint)
11. Soldiers

12. Saw Red (She'e Mine) - (featuring Barrington Levy)

Wonders of the world
Track list

01. Wonders Dub I
02. Sunny Hours - (featuring Will.i.am)
03. Listen to D.J.'s
04. Rolled Up
05. Every Mother's Dream
06. Life Goes On - (featuring Half Pint/Ives/Chall2na/Tippa Irie)
07. It Ain't Easy
08. Luke
09. Wonders Dub II
10. No Way
11. Lonely End
12. Talkin' the Truth - (featuring Paulie Selekta)
13. Free Love
14. Lies - (featuring I-Man)
15. Kablammin' It
16. Grass Cloud
17. Sunny Hours - (Reprise)


people listen up don't stand to close
I've got something that you all should know..

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